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Randi's Bim a tribute
The hat is a Zorro black flat top - in regular Paso Fino shows, it's the kind of hat we wore, so I just used one of my regular hats.  The reason we used them in the shows is because they have a flat top - and one of the classes was "Chanpagne Class".  We put a glass of champagne - really water - on our hats and did the required gaits as the judge called them:       

Paso Fino     "Fine Walk"

Paso Corto     "Short walk, about the speed of a trot.

Paso Largo     "Long walk" - very fast, can be as fast as a canter on a good Paso Fino.
Since Paso Finos are prized for their smooth gaits, this was a great test.  Whoever had the most "champagne" left in their glass won the class.

"Bim" - my Tornado - and I won many times.

This great caricature sketch is of Bim doing his gaits with his legs flying and the glass on my hat is motionless!
Ms. Randi Scott

I used to watch WD Zorro as a kid.  When I started importing and breeding Paso Fino Horses, I showed them.  One of the classes was "Costume Class".  I had a WONDERFUL, black stallion, "Regalo Sublime SL" (Sublime Gift), "Bim" for short, which was my "Tornado".  I made a perfect Zorro costume, taught Bim to rear and rode in costume classes at MANY horse shows.  Bim and I won a lot of first place trophys.  I started riding him as Tornado in parades, and we put on a spectacular show - rearing, prancing, and generally cavorting, with me swishing my sword the whole time.

EVERYONE knew Zorro and would shout "Zorro!"  when we passed them.  I can still remember licking my Magic Marker mustache!!!

I am a Zorro fan and Guy Williams was the BEST Zorro.