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Maribel Blanco

I'm very happy to have joined this group. I enjoy reading your interesting comments, news, and viewing wonderful photos of Guy/Zorro, as we share our admiration for him.

I grew up watching this show. I was one of many who sat in front of the TV singing the Zorro theme song, and now, at 48 years old, I still watch it.

Luckily, here in Buenos Aires Zorro is on, and although I know each episode by heart, I remain hypnotized in front of the TV screen until it finishes.

I love each character, episode, set, and everything related to this series, and of course, I love Guy. He always was and will be my favorite hero. He has left his Z in my heart.

My wish is to get Britt Lomond's book: "Chasing after Zorro", I know it is difficult to get it from here –Argentina-, but I don't lose hope.

Thank Disney for making me spend such delightful moments.

Maribel and her goddaughter, Lourdes.

My real name is Genevieve Barbier.  I am French and I live in Paris.  I was born in l973 and I think I have been a Zorro fan since the age of four or five.

Several years ago, Zorro was broadcasted on French TV and I taped all the episodes.  I was so excited to re-discover my hero and so adddicted that I decided to make a website about WD's Zorro. ( .

Indeed, one of my passions is computing (it is also my job).  I especially like working on pictures and multimedia (sounds and video).

Hello everybody,

I am Clotilde and I just joined the GWFriendslist thanks  to Vivi. I live in Belgium near Bruxelles a little town called Wavre, maybe someone knows, there is a SixFlags Park (old name: Walibi).

I have loved Zorro since I was 8 years old when the French television began the Disney Channel. It was a little drama in my childhood because in the same time another channel was televising "Champs Elysées" and it was a war between my parents and I each Saturday evening. I liked to see Zorro and my parents wanted to see "Champs Elysées". In fact, I have seen all épisodes of Zorro only five years ago on Dutch television!

I am very happy to join you and and talk about my hero. In the real life, I feel myself a little extra-terrestrial, nobody share my passion. So thanks to Vivi  and  to everyone for your welcome and viva El Zorro.

Vanina at 14.
Vanina at Epcot Center, Florida

This is me when I was about 14.  I love horses.  I know that the oxer is high, but I was never scared because I always believed that Diego/Zorro was never scared.  He's my hero and he will always be.  Happens that this is the way that I make my little tribute to Guy, by doing those things that he did in one way or another.
Remember he was my hero!
Clotitlde also has a way with computers.