The Star Celebration
Star before the unveiling.
Elise Triniol and friends Anna Maria and Luisella.
Wendell Vega and his lovely daughter, Cristina
 Fernando Lupiz with Rocky and his friend.  Notice the glow in my eyes
 Don Diamond (Cpl. Reyes) at the podium after lunch.
Marta Kristin (Judy Robinson( at the podium after lunch.
Suezzzz and Paulette
Paul Piercini (Pedro), Rocky, and Anthony Caruso (Capitan Ortega).
Sue Kite and one of her favorite guys.
GWF Yvonne Wong and Fernando Lupiz
Paul Piercini and Anthony Caruso also starred in the Untouchables.  Paul was a federal agent and Anthony was mobster Frank Nitty.
Britt Lomond and Suzanne Lloyd (Rachel Toledano).  Britt and Suzanne appeared in Wyatt Earp together
Tony Russo was the only actor to guest twice on the Disney show in two different parts.  (Double Trouble and An Affair of Honor.