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Our Italian Friends
Ciao, we are a little Italian group united in the common admiration for the same man: Armando Catalano (alias Guy Williams) and his role as the inimitable Zorro.

We are sure there are a lot of Italian people who know and love him. We hope they will join us in this album. For the moment, here are photos of some of us.
ANNAMARIA lives on a hill in a little farm. She has a degree in Natural Sciences and teaches privately. She was born in the summer of 1966, just when the Italian T.V. showed for the first time the Disney's Zorro.  She "met him" only five years later.....and the first letter that she learned to write was just a Z (...but turned upside down!).
LUISELLA is 30 years old. She lives and works in Torino as a children's nurse in the most important Children Hospital of Piemonte. She was born in 1971, just the year in which the T.V. set arrived in her family, and she grew up watching Disney's Zorro. She thought (since her childhood) of Guy Williams as "the most handsome man in the world", her ideal man.....and now she devotes herself to fencing and playing guitar as an amateur. In this way she feels closer to him.....
ANNAMARIA and LUISELLA: they are sisters and live at Valenza (Alessandria-Piemonte).
DANIELA lives at Chiavari, on the Ligurian Riviera, near Portofino. She attended the Arts Istitute and works as decorator. For a time, she played in some theaters in Genova. As the others she began to love Zorro/Guy Williams in the 1960/'70 years.....but she had to wait till now to receive news on him, since the Italian media never have spoken enough about him.
GABRIELLA was a pianist during the forties, but her career was broken by the Americans air- raids on her city. Now she is a housewife, devotes herself to painting and lives in Bologna. She loves Guy Williams and is fond of looking at his movies and shows (almost all in videotapes coming from U.S.A., since they were never showed in Italy!) with the enthusiasm of a twenty years old woman
ANTONELLA is Gabriella's daughter. She shares with her mother (and the other members of her family.....) the passion for Zorro and Guy Williams. She works as clerk. She loves sports and for some years she has fenced too.